How To Match Hilton Diamond to National Emerald Club Executive Elite

If you’re a Hilton Honors Diamond member, you can match your status to National Car Rental’s Emerald Club Executive Elite (their top status tier). Here’s the full rundown on matching, the benefits and the T&Cs.

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Who Are National Car Rental?

National Car Rental is a multinational rental car company which was founded in the US state of Missouri in 1947. The company is owned by Enterprise Holdings, who also own Enterprise and Alamo.

With over 1500+ worldwide rental locations, across 6 continents, their worldwide locations include the USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Australia.

In the USA, they offer 24 car classes, not including Trucks, SUVs and Vans. From Economy, through Midsize cars, Fullsize cars, Premium cars, Hybrid, Electric and Luxury cars.

Matching Hilton Diamond To Emerald Club Executive Elite

If you haven’t already signed up, you’re going to need to enrol in the National Emerald Club Rewards Program. This process will take slightly longer than your standard rewards program registration. You’re going to need to have your driver’s license to hand.

Signing up To National Emerald CluB

First, read and agree to their T&Cs then enter your personal information, followed by your driver’s license info (driver’s license number, last name, issuing country and issuing authority). If no driver profile is found, enter your license expiry and issuing dates.

Enter new user info (a username, password etc.), then payment info (you’re going to need to do this to get to the next step).

National Emerald Club Loyalty Info - RegistratioN

The next step is submitting your Rewards Preferences. The default setting is rental credits (these become more useful with a higher tier like Executive Elite - see more on benefits below) but you can select to earn points with partner programs instead.

They have airline, hotel and other partners including American Airlines, Delta, Best Western and Hilton. So you could select to earn Hilton Honors points instead of rental credits.

Once you’ve selected your Rewards Preferences, they’ll ask if you want to select ‘Optional Protection Products’. I declined all of them. These are just your default settings so you can make changes when you go to rent if you wish.

That’s it. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll be given an Emerald Club Number. Take a note of that as you’re going to need it when you come to do your Hilton Diamond status match.

Welcome To National Emerald Club

Before you match from Hilton Diamond to National Executive Elite, be aware:

This, like some status matches, is a one-and-done deal. You’ll be granted a match until February the 28th of the second calendar year following a match. But after that, you’ll need to meet their standard qualification criteria (so you can only match on one occasion, you can’t keep rematching).

If you’ve decided you’re going to match, head to their dedicated status match page. Here, they specifically mention matching to 'Hilton Honors’.

Hilton Diamond To National Emerald Club Executive Elite - Status Match PAge

Enter your member info, including your Emerald Club Number and the same email you use to sign in to Emerald Club.

National Emerald Club - Member Info Required

Then upload proof of your Hilton Diamond Status. Send them a screenshot of your Hilton Diamond status from your Hilton account page. It needs to include your name, diamond status and status expiry date. Upload that as a file and press submit.

There have been mixed reports about the time to matching. In one case it took less than a day, in another it took up to seven business days. But most seem to match pretty quickly, within a business day or two.

The Benefits of National Emerald Club Executive Elite

Since Hilton Diamond matches you to Emerald Club’s top tier, Executive Elite, you’ll get all of the benefits they offer.

There are 3 status tiers. I’ve shown their normal requirements here. Club (0 rentals/0 rental days), Executive (12 rentals/40 rental days) and Executive Elite (25 rentals/85 rental days).

After matching your Hilton Diamond Status to National Emerald Club Executive Elite, you’ll benefit from:

  • Executive Area Access - Choose an Executive Area car and only pay the midsize rate in US/Canada only (Executive Elite Only)

  • Fastest Free Rental Days - Exchange 5 Rental Credits For 1 Free Rental Day (Executive Elite Only)

  • Private Airport Delivery - Private airports within 50 miles in US and Canada (Executive Elite Only)

  • Guaranteed Vehicle - Within 24 hours notice when you reserve at the Midsize rate in US and Canada (Executive Elite Only)

  • Guaranteed Upgrade - Free with a Midsize Rate in US and Canada (Executive & Up)

  • Special Premier Selection Pricing - Exclusive pricing when you upgrade to Premier Selection in US and Canada (Executive & Up)

  • Free Rental Days or Partner Rewards - Eg. Hilton Honors Points (Emerald Club & Up)

  • Priority Service - Applies in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean (Emerald Club & Up)

  • Free Rental Days with Enterprise (Emerald Club & Up)

  • Drop & Go - Drop off your car and and go, with emailed receipts (Emerald Club & Up)

  • No 2nd Driver Fees

  • European Upgrade - Free car class upgrade in UK/Ireland/France/Spain/Germany subject to availability (Emerald Club & Up)

National Emerald Club Executive Elite Benefits


I have Hilton Gold status, Can I Match To Emerald Club Executive Elite?

Yes, both Gold and Diamond Hilton Honors members can match to National’s top tier Executive Elite status.

There are country-specific websites. Do I get the same login info/status level for each one?

Yes, you do. You’ll use the same login, you’ll have the same status match and you’ll use the same National Car membership number.

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