About Our Departure Board

Our Departure Board was founded back in 2019, by Andrew Young and Damon Cunningham.

We specialise in Disney Guides, Disney Collectibles, Hilton Hotel Reviews and Hotel Status Matches.

If you were to ask either of us what our favourite trip was, we’d both say the same thing. Our adventure to Walt Disney World in 2022.

Damon and I were lucky enough to enjoy multiple childhood trips to Disney World in the 2000s but we enjoyed our first trip there as a couple in 2018, having booked with 3 weeks notice (never again!).

Whilst 2020 and 2021 were sadly absent International travel, we returned to the USA in 2022 for a three week trip to Disney World.

We spent the first week staying at the Hilton Buena Vista Palace touring around all the Disney World Resorts and taking full advantage of that complimentary Disney transport. We then enjoyed two weeks at Coronado Springs with park tickets and a detailed itinerary in hand.

Damon and I like to produce a detailed travel itinerary before we go abroad. Our Disney World Trip spreadsheets, in particular, are legendary (see below). Whilst some hate the idea of a detailed travel itinerary (believe me, I get it), we see it as a way to reduce stress on arrival and maximise our time abroad.

Having been a couple since 2016, we got engaged in our New York City hotel room minutes after New Years rang in 2023. We’ve produced a wide range of travel and Disney guides on Our Departure Board over the years and we look forward to producing much more in the years to come.