Car Treasure Hunt: St Andrews, Scotland

As you may already know, my family are frequent visitors to St Andrews, the famous university town on the east coast of Scotland. On a recent ‘staycation’, we spent some time making a car treasure hunt. I decided to upload it here for others to enjoy, suitable for the whole family.

The treasure route covers a mostly rural area south-west of the town but some clues can be found in the quiet streets of St Andrews too. All clues can be viewed from the car. And remember, drive safe.

Once you’ve completed the treasure trail, check your answers here, then let us know how you did in the comments down below (your score, plus comments too).

Click here to get the printable version!

  • Estimated Time: 1 Hour 30 Mins

  • Route: St Andrews - Peat Inn - Pitscottie - Duke’s Golf Course - St Andrews

  • Answers: Can be found here


The route begins heading south, out of St Andrews, on Grange Road (pin marker on the map above)

1. If I’m a lorry, what’s my max weight on this road?

Carry on and then turn left into the Grange Inn Car Park

2. What’s got knots and is missing a tyre?

Exit the car park and turn left (look quick for the next 2 clues)

3. Ring Ring! How many steps up the telephone pole?

4. What time does the postie collect on Saturday?

Continue down Grange Road

5. What stone creatures are guarding The Whins?

6. Who’s on top of the hill, with the tree-lined driveway?

Continue down Grange Road. At the crossroads, turn right (to Leven and Lathockar). Pull straight into the left for your next 2 clues!

7. Which 2 farm animals feature on the Kinaldy Farm sign?

8. What number would I dial to phone Acorn Day Nursery?

Continue heading towards Leven and Lathockar

9. I’m looking for a bespoke shed, log cabin and decking, where would I go?

Turn left on to the A915 to Kirkcaldy and turn right on to the B940 to Peat Inn

10. No dumping at …

Passing through Radernie

11. Whose got a treehouse?

12. Where might you find sad horses?

Arriving in Peat Inn, turn right (keep your eyes peeled at the junction)

13. The Peat Inn offers … star accommodation

Keep left at the fork to Pitscottie

14. What’s missing for 1/2 a mile?

15. I’m looking for a joiner, cabinet and carriage maker, who would I call?

Turn right at the junction in Pitscottie, then after a short distance, turn right towards Craigton

16. Weaver’s cottage has what colour of mailbox?

Continue straight towards Craigton and turn right into Duke’s Golf Course

17. Don’t drive too quickly! What’s the speed limit?

18. Caution, golfers and … may be crossing?

19. Who makes the Duke’s clock go tick, tick, tick?

Turn left just after Duke’s and head towards the large abandoned building

20. Look up for one of Quasimodo’s friends. Who (or what) am I referring to?

Turn around and head back towards Duke’s entrance gate (where you came in) and turn right on the main road, heading to St Andrews

21. Which 2 farm vehicles can be found on the Denbrae farm sign?

Turn right after Craigton Meadow’s Caravan Park to Mount Melville

22. Which house should really be growing apples, oranges and lemons?

Turn right, still heading to Mount Melville

23. Which animal at No. 2 tells you which way the wind is blowing?

24. If you’re a squirrel, what might you enjoy on the side of No. 2?

Turn around in the triangle

25. What time does the postie collect on Saturday?

Head back to the main road to St Andrews (the way you came in) and turn right, heading towards the town centre

At the 2nd roundabout, turn right towards the town centre and take a left down St Leonard’s Road

26. When can’t you park on a Saturday?

27. At the University Park entrance, what has a halo overhead?

Head back to the main road and turn left and then left again, into Donaldson Gardens

28. How many iron flowers at Liscombe House?

29. The St Andrews Physics and Astronomy Building is name after who?

30. How many shamrocks at Eden Hill House?

Turn left towards St Andrew’s town centre

31. How much is it to enter St Andrew’s Museum?

Head straight on to Market Street, make a right into Church Street and a left on to South Street

Go through the roundabout and, at the end of the road, turn right towards St Andrew’s Harbour

32. If I was … feet tall, I couldn’t pass under this bridge

After you’ve passed under the bridge, turn left towards the harbour and drive on the left hand side of the buildings (look to your right for the next 2 clues)

33. The DUAL house (4 letter Anagram)

34. What’s the pattern? Purple, (blank), Purple

35. If I walked left, I’d be heading to the Golf Links, (blank) and the Fife Coastal Path

The End! Enjoy the seaside view with St Andrew’s Castle (on your left) and St Andrew’s Stone Pier (on your right)