9 Walt Disney World Souvenirs That Are Actually Worth It

A trip to Walt Disney World wouldn’t be complete without purchasing a few unique Disney souvenirs. With such an extensive range of products and freebies available, it’s hard to know where to start. Don’t worry, that’s where we come in. Here are 9 Walt Disney World Souvenirs that are actually worth it.

Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida - Castle

1) Celebration Buttons

If you’re celebrating a special occasion at Walt Disney World, you can get a free celebration button (a badge). There are buttons to suit a variety of occasions. If you’re celebrating your 1st visit to Disney, a birthday, an engagement, an anniversary (Disney isn’t strict here), you can get a free celebration button. 

Walt Disney World Celebration Buttons 1st Visit

Not only is this a great souvenir, if you wear it around the parks, it can even alter your experience. Cast members may talk to you, you may get a complimentary food item or a customised food menu. 

It’s rumoured that Disney aren’t as outwardly generous as they used to be with their freebies so don’t expect anything during your trip or you might be disappointed. Instead, just enjoy your time at Disney and take delight in any special treatment if it happens.

Celebration Buttons Cost:


Where To Get Celebration Buttons: 

Multiple locations including guest relations, hotel reception desks and restaurants.

2) Magic Bands

Disney Magic Bands are the colourful, waterproof wristbands that have a variety of functions around Walt Disney World. Functions include entering the parks, FastPass+, Disney PhotoPass, food and merchandise payment and unlocking your Disney Resort hotel room door (if you’re staying in one). 

If you are staying in a Disney Resort hotel or if you are an annual passholder you will receive a standard magic band automatically (free of charge). 

If you are staying elsewhere or you are looking for a more unique band tailored to you, you can purchase one in Disney World. 

Walt Disney World Magic Bands Steamboat Willie and 2018 Mickey

Once purchased, you link the MagicBand to your Disney account. You can always talk to a Disney Cast Member if you’re unsure how to do this. 

Magic Bands Cost:

Free at a Disney Resort or from $14.99 (plus tax)

Where To Buy Magic Bands:

If you select stores on the Walt Disney World app it will state if Magic Bands are sold there. Here are some locations which offer purchasable Magic Bands. This list is by no means exhaustive:

Animal Kingdom: Garden Gate Gifts, Discovery Trading Company, Windtraders

Epcot: Mouse Gear, World Traveler, Disney Traders

Hollywood Studios: Mickey’s of Hollywood, The Darkroom, Stage 1 Company Store

Magic Kingdom: Emporium, Frontier Trading Post, Big Top Souvenirs 

Disney Springs: Disney Pin Traders

3) Disney Pins

Picking up Disneys’ collectible pins have become synonymous with trips to Walt Disney World. You can trade these pins with cast members around the parks. You’ll quickly realise that you have to be selective when it comes to your purchases since there are an endless number of different designs available to buy. 

My rule is that I only buy pins at locations related to that pin. For example, I bought my Pirates of the Caribbean pin in Plaza del Sol, the shop you enter as you leave the ride. To me it makes for a nice memento of a ride/experience rather than just a random collectible purchase.  

Walt Disney World Pins - Mounted on Cork Board Framed

Disney Pins Cost:

This can range from affordable to expensive depending on the type of pin (ie. limited edition/event pins are more expensive) plus, of course, the quantity that you purchase. 

Individual pin prices start at $8.99 but there are a couple of methods you can use to bring the cost down per pin. 

  1. Bulk buy pins in advance on Amazon/eBay for trading at Walt Disney World. This is a really cheap way of obtaining pins during your visit and pin trading is a fun activity in itself. Make sure you buy from reputable sellers as fake pins are sold frequently online.

  2. Trade with cast members early in the morning before the best ones are gone. Disney provides cast members with pins and instructs them to trade for any pins even if they might not be of equal value.

Where To Buy Disney Pins: 

Multiple locations across WDW. If you’re looking for a large selection, here are some of my suggested locations:

Epcot: Pin Central

Magic Kingdom: Emporium, Frontierland Trading Post

Disney Springs: Disney’s Pin Traders

How To Display Disney Pins:

Pins are great souvenirs but if they all go into a drawer when you get home, it might be a bit wasteful. Damon and I found a nice way to display them (above). Check out our guide on displaying Disney Pins.

4) Pressed Coins

One of the most unique and cost-effective souvenirs you can get across the parks. Disney have a number of coin press machines with multiple designs across the theme and water parks. Damon and I made it our mission to collect as many as we could. We managed to pick up 35. 

Walt Disney World Pressed Pennies Coin Presser Machine

Pro Tip: Use the shiniest coins you have. You can always ask for shiny change at any store on property. An eraser is also a good way of buffing up faded coins. 

Pressed Coins Cost: 

Pressed Penny: $0.51 (2 quarters + the penny)

Pressed Quarter: $1.25 (5 quarters)

Where To Get Pressed Coins:

Multiple locations across the theme and water parks. If you want the mystery of trying to find them, don’t look up the locations. Alternatively, you can search for “coin press” on the WDW Resort App. 

How To Display Pressed Coins:

Like pins, don’t let your pennies end up in a drawer at home. Damon and I display the coins like we display pins, using white tack to mount them on a framed canvas. Check out our guide on displaying Disney pressed pennies.

5) Disney Mug

When your next Walt Disney World trip is on the distant horizon, there’s nothing more comforting than drinking your tea or coffee out of a large ceramic peanut shell, complete with Chip and Dale. 

Walt Disney World Mugs Chip and Dale Peanut Boba Fett Star Wars

If that’s not your cup of tea, there are a large range of other Disney mugs available. Giant Mickey hands, generic-shaped mugs with your favourite Star Wars character printed on the side. The list is endless.

Disney Mug Cost:

Around $20 (ranges)

Where To Buy A Disney Mug: 

Multiple locations. There is a large selection at World of Disney in Disney Springs. There are also mugs exclusive to certain locations such as the Skipper Canteen Mug from Magic Kingdom and the Beer Stein from Epcot.

6) Mickey Straw

The classic Mickey straw comes in a range of colours and is a reusable, cost effective souvenir to get on your Disney trip.

Mickey Straw in Blue Minute Maid frozen lemonade

Pro Tip: Don’t put your Mickey straw in the dishwasher. It could melt or lose the Mickey shape.

Mickey Straw Cost:

Dependant on drink price.

Where To Get a Mickey Straw:

You can get a Mickey straw when you purchase select drinks across WDW. If you like, you can look up menus in advance on the WDW Resort App. Any drinks that come with a Mickey straw will state that they do so. 

Damon and I got our Mickey straws when we purchased Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade (would recommend) at Anaheim Produce in Hollywood Studios. 

7) Disney Beach Towel

Disney beach towels are a great souvenir because they can be used repeatedly when you get home. They are large, last a long time and the colours don’t fade easily. There are various designs to suit both adults and children.

I couldn’t resist the 2018 Mickey Beach Towel on our last trip. 

Walt Disney World Beach Towel Mickey 2018

Disney Beach Towel Cost:

Around $27

Where To Buy A Disney Beach Towel: 

Disney beach towels are available at various stores across the theme and water parks. One notable store with a large selection is World of Disney in Disney Springs. 

8) Disney Christmas Ornaments

It wouldn’t be a trip to Disney without a wander through the Christmas shops. A Disney bauble is another classic souvenir. There are a range of different baubles available. Damon and I bought a few on our last trip to Disney World. A charming Chip and Dale ornament complete with a 2018 Mickey hat and a Steamboat Willie-themed Mickey Mouse bauble. 

Walt Disney World Ornaments Baubles Chip and Dale Steamboat Willie Mickey

Pro Tip: Ask the cast member to pack them well if you’re travelling and pack the box in your hand luggage if you’re flying.

Disney Christmas Ornaments Cost:

Around $20 (ranges)

Where To Buy Christmas Ornaments:

There are a few locations around WDW but two of the main stores are Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs. 

9) Basin Soap

A more unique Disney souvenir that you might not be aware of. Basin is a bath, beauty and hair care emporium which sells body butters, bath bombs/salts and most notably freshly sliced soap. They have partnered with Disney to create a range of themed soaps which both look and smell incredible. 

They sell a range of Mickey soaps with different scents. My favourite is the citrus soap with the pink, white and teal mickeys. Basin is also a great place to buy gifts for your family/friends.

Walt Disney World Basin Citrus Soap Blue Pink White Mickey

Basin Soap Cost:

$1.70 per ounce

Where To Buy Basin Soap: 

Basin have two stores on site. One in the east side of Disney Springs and one in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. 


There you have it. Nine unique Disney souvenirs that are worth it. You can add some to a collection or use some when you get home. Disney have a plethora of souvenirs available so I’m in no doubt that some of you will want to add to this list. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below. And please don’t forget to like and share.