How To Status Match Hilton To I Prefer Elite

Hilton Honors Diamond Members can status match to Preferred Hotels I Prefer Elite, the highest membership tier. In this guide, I’ll show you how to match your status, I’ll look at the benefits you’ll get as an I Prefer Elite member and I’ll answer some important FAQs.

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How To Match Hilton Diamond To I Prefer Elite

First things first, sign up for an I Prefer rewards account. You’ll be sent an account verification email within a few minutes. Click to verify and then make a note of your I Prefer membership number. To find your number, login to I Prefer and head to ‘My Account’.

New members will be given ‘Insider’ status, I Prefer’s base status level. Once you’ve got an account, you can move on to the next step.

Hilton Diamond To I Prefer Elite Status Match Email

There is no I Prefer status match page. You’re going to need to email I Prefer directly. But first, head to your Hilton Honors account page and screenshot your Hilton Diamond status.

Once you’ve got your screenshot, to match your Hilton Diamond Status to I Prefer Elite, email and use the following email template:

Subject: Status Match

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to request a status match from my Hilton Honors Diamond status to I Prefer Elite. I’ve attached all of the information and proof of status that you would need below.

Full Name: [Insert Full Name Here]

I Prefer Member Number: [Insert Number From Your I Prefer Account]

[Screenshot of your Hilton Diamond Status from your Hilton Honours Account Page]

Kind Regards,
[Insert Name Here]

Most people receive a response within an hour or two. In my experience, I only had to wait 20 minutes to receive an email confirming my status match. The match was made ‘effective immediately’.

To confirm your Elite status match, head to your I Prefer account page. You might have to log out and log back in to update your account.

The Benefits of I Prefer Elite

I Prefer has 3 membership tiers:

Insider Tier (0 - 24,999 Points), Explorer (25,000 - 49,999 Points) and Elite (50,000 Points).

What I Prefer Elite Benefits You Will Get

As an I Prefer Elite Member, you’ll get:

  • *More Points - 50% Point Bonus (Insider Rate = 0%, Explorer Rate = 25%)

  • Digital Anniversary Gift (Elite Only)

  • Food & Beverage Offering - Varies By Property Eg. Free Cocktail/Dining Discount (Elite Only)

  • Special Offers & Experiences (Elite Only)

  • Welcome Amenity - Varies By Property Eg. Wine/Craft Item/Resort Credits (Explorer Level & Up)

  • Exclusive Member Rates (Insider Level & Up)

  • Room Upgrades - Depends on Availability (Insider Level & Up)

  • Free Internet (Insider Level & Up)

  • Early Check-In - Depends on Availability (Insider Level & Up)

  • Late Check-Out - Depends on Availability (Insider Level & Up)

  • I Prefer Loves Partner Offers (Insider Level & Up)

  • Rewards Suite Access (Insider Level & Up)

  • Beyond Green Enrichment Activity Bonus - Varies By Property (Insider Level & Up)

  • Digital Preferred Travel Magazine (Insider Level & Up)


What Are I Prefer Points Worth?

1000 I Prefer Points are worth $2 if redeemed for flexible Reward Certificates. Points are redeemed in set increments so you’ll need to hit the 12,500 point minimum to make any redemption:

  • 12,500 Points = $25

  • 25,000 Points = $50

  • 50,000 Points = $100

  • 125,000 Points = $250

  • 250,000 Points = $500

You can redeem I Prefer points for Reward Certificates (min. 12,500 points) and Reward Nights (min. 15,000 points). Reward certificates can be applied to bookings but some hotels also accept them when dining, paying for a spa etc.

You can also redeem points at I Prefer auctions (min. 5,000 points), allowing you to bid on stays, dining and spa experiences.

How Many I Prefer Points Do Elite Members Earn?

Since base members usually earn 10 points/$1 spent, Elite members usually earn 15 points/$1 spent. I say ‘usually’ because base points are 5 points/$1 spent at select properties. If you pay in non-US currency, your points will be calculated based on the USD exchange rate.

Do I Prefer Points Expire?

Yes, I Prefer points expire if there’s been no booking or rewards redemption for 24 months.

How Are I Prefer Tiers Normally Earned?

You normally have to earn enough points within any 12 month period to qualify for any one tier. 25,000 points earns you Explorer tier. 50,000+ points earns you Elite tier. You normally move up a tier as soon as you hit the minimum point requirement.

How Do You Maintain Elite Status?

As long as you remain a Hilton Honours Diamond member, you can remain an I Prefer Elite member. If your tier expires, just send another email to to get your status re-applied.

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