How To Status Match Hilton to Radisson Gold

Once you’ve reached Hilton Honors Gold or Diamond status you can status match to Radisson Gold (Radisson’s second-highest status level). As with other status matches, there are important T&Cs which I’ve detailed in this guide to matching, plus Radisson Gold benefits.

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What Are The Radisson Hotel Brands?

Founded in 1909 in the US state of Minnesota, Radisson now owns over 1200 hotels, under a range of brand names, around the world.

  • Luxury - Radisson Collection, Radisson Blu

  • Upscale - Park Plaza, Radisson Red, Radisson

  • Midscale - Country Inn & Suites, Park Inn

  • Economy - Prizeotel

How To Match Hilton Gold or Diamond To Radisson Gold

First of all, you’re going to need to sign up to Radisson Rewards. Once signed up, take note of your Radisson Rewards number. You can check your number by signing in to Radisson Rewards and clicking on your profile. That’s the first step complete.

Any new member is given Club status, their basic status level.

Before you match from Hilton Gold or Diamond to Radisson Gold, be aware:

You can only status match once, so if you want to retain Radisson Gold in subsequent years, you’ll need to earn it the hard way. Through stays or nights (30 nights or 20 stays in Radisson owned properties to achieve Gold status).

Once you’ve qualified for Radisson Gold, you will maintain that status for the remainder of the then-current calendar year, plus the end of the program year (March 1 to February 28/29). 

So, for example, if you match mid-March, you’ll be granted Gold status until Feb 28th/29th the following year (end of the calendar year, plus the end of the program year).

If you want to maintain the status for as long as possible, it’s therefore best to match towards the beginning of any calendar year.

Hilton Gold or Diamond to Radisson Gold Status Match Email

Unlike other rewards programs, I’ve found no mention whatsoever of status matching on the Radisson website. Not on any page, not in any FAQ section, not in any T&Cs.

You instead status match by emailing Radisson with a few bits of information. First, you’re going to need to take a screenshot of your Hilton Gold or Diamond status from your Hilton Honors account page. Then make sure you’ve got your Radisson Rewards number which you can find by logging in to your Radisson Rewards account.

Next, use the following template to send an email to

Subject: Status Match

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to request that you match my Radisson Rewards status to my Hilton [Gold/Diamond] status.

Here is all of the information you require:

Full Name: [Insert Full Name Here]

Radisson Rewards Number: [Insert Number From Your Radisson Rewards account]

[Screenshot of Your Hilton Gold or Diamond Status from your Hilton Honors Account Page]

Kind Regards,

[Insert Name Here]

Most are reporting rapid responses and status matching (around one hour). However, in some cases, it can take a few days to get a response. If you’ve gotten a response, tell me about the outcome in the comments down below (ie. when did you request the match and what expiry date were you given on your status?).

The Benefits of Radisson Gold Status

There are 4 tiers of Radisson status. And unlike some rewards schemes, such as Choice Privileges and Best Western Rewards, there is more of a differentiation between the higher tiers.

The 4 levels are Club (0 night/0 stay requirement), Silver (9 night/6 stay requirement), Gold (30 night/20 stay requirement) and Platinum (60 night/30 stay requirement)

What Radisson Gold Benefits You Will Get

You’ll get all of these benefits with Radisson Gold:

  • More Points - 25 Points Per $1 on stays, food and drink (Club Rate = 20/$1, Silver Rate = 22/$1)

  • 15% Food & Drink Discount (Club Discount = 5%, Silver Discount = 10%)

  • Welcome Gift (Gold Level & Up)

  • 72 Hour Room Guarantee - Doesn’t include award nights or point & cash nights or when select events occur (Gold Level & Up)

  • Free Room Upgrade - Availability-dependant (Silver Level & Up)

  • Early Check In/Late Check Out - Availability-dependant (Silver Level & Up)

  • Rollover Nights - Auto-applied towards maintaining or increasing Elite status next calendar year (Silver Level & Up)

  • Free Water (Club Level & Up)

  • Members Only Rate - Save up to 10% when booking direct (Club Level & Up)

  • Point Award Nights - Starting at 15,000 Points with no blackout dates on standard rooms (Club Level & Up)

  • Point & Cash Award Nights - Starting at 5,000 Points (Club Level & Up)

  • Partner Redemptions - Use points for airline miles or gift cards (Club Level & Up)

  • Meeting & Event Points - 5 Points Per $1 with Radisson Rewards For Business (Club Level & Up)

The Radisson Platinum Benefits You Won’t Get

You won’t get these benefits since Radisson don’t offer status matching to their top, Platinum level:

  • Even More Points - 35 Points Per $1 on stays, food and drink (Gold Rate = 25/$1)

  • 20% Food & Drink Discount (Gold Discount = 15%)

  • 48 Hour Room Guarantee (Gold Guarantee = 72 Hours)

  • Free Suite Upgrade - Availability-dependant (Gold Level = Non-Suite Upgrades)

  • Free Breakfast

  • Platinum Member Services Line


Do Radisson Points Expire?

Yes, Radisson points expire if there has been no activity in your rewards account for a 24 month period.

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