How To Match National Executive Elite to Hertz Presidents Circle

If you have National Emerald Club Executive Elite Status (whether earned or through a Hilton Diamond or similar status match), you can status match National Executive Elite to Hertz Presidents Circle, the top status level that Hertz have on offer. Here’s my guide on matching, the benefits, plus the T&Cs.

Matching National Executive Elite to Hertz President's Circle

The first step is joining Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. Fill in all of your personal information, plus your driver’s license info and payment info. Payment info is required in order for you to sign up, but no payment will be taken. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards is a free loyalty programme.

Once you’ve filled in all of the required information, hit ‘join’.

Join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

You’ll receive a confirmation email and you’ll be taken to your Hertz rewards account page, which shows that you are a basic level, Gold Plus Rewards member.

While you’re there, go to ‘Profile’ and check that you’ve got Gold Plus Rewards Points ticked/accepted (you’ll find that under membership details). That way you'll earn 1.5 Gold Plus Rewards Points (with the 50% President’s Circle bonus) for every $1 spent.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Membership Page

Now, you’re going to match your National Executive Elite status to Hertz President’s Circle. Hertz, unlike some companies, have a dedicated status match page. It even specifically mentions the National to Hertz match.

Hertz Status Match Page

On the page, enter your Hertz membership information (eg. your email). Choose the programme you’re matching from, in this case, ‘National Executive’. Then put in your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member number.

You’ll have to upload proof of your National Executive Elite status. The easiest way to do this is just to head to your National Rental Car account page. Take a screenshot which shows your name, Executive Elite status and National member number. Once you’ve uploaded the file, hit ‘Match My Status’.

Hertz Presidents Club Status Match and Benefits

There have been mixed reports regarding matching speed. Some reports state that matches are completed in less than 24 hours. Some say it can take weeks or even a month.

If you’ve not heard from Hertz within a few days, I’d suggest opening a chat with them on their Facebook page. If you ask politely to expedite the process, this should help speed it up.

Unlike some status matches, this match can be redone annually as long as you retain National Executive Elite. The issue is that if you’ve earned National status by matching via Hilton Diamond or similar, that is one time use.

So, to maintain Hertz President’s Circle, you’re going to need to either maintain National Executive Elite status the slow way (through earning status with National) or earn it the slow way with Hertz, or match to a different program. Hertz match from Avis President’s Club, Avis Preferred Plus (25+ rentals) and Enterprise Plus Platinum to Hertz President’s Club.

The Benefits of Hertz President's Circle

Hertz have three status tiers. Gold (you get this for free when you join), Five Star (Usually 12-19 rentals or $2,400 to $3,999 spend) and President’s Circle (Usually 20+ rentals or $4,000+ spend), their top tier. Each calendar year (January 1st through December 31st) is a qualifying period.

By matching to Hertz President’s Circle, you’ll benefit from:

  • Guaranteed One-Car Class Upgrade (President’s Circle Only)

  • President’s Circle Section - Choose any vehicle in the President’s Circle section of the Hertz Ultimate Choice Lot (President’s Circle Only)

  • 50% Gold Plus Rewards Points Bonus (President’s Circle Only)

  • Dedicated Customer Service Line (President’s Circle Only)

  • Skip The Counter (Gold Level & Up)

  • E-Return (Gold Level & Up)

  • 25% Child Seat Discount (Gold Level & Up)

  • Free Additional Driver - Spouse or Civil Partner (Gold Level & Up)

  • 5% Hertz Rental Discount - (Gold Level & Up)


How Long Do You Keep Your Hertz Status For?

You’ll keep your Hertz President’s Circle status until the end of the following calendar year. For example, if you match mid June this year, you’ll have your status until the end of next year.

Do Hertz Rewards Points Expire?

Yes, but they only expire when you’ve neither earned nor redeemed points in the past 18 months.

What Age Do You Have To Be To Join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards?

The minimum age for joining is 23 but customers under 25 years old are also subject to a Young Driver’s Surcharge.

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